Good bye.MJ.

We all know that Michael Jackson is one of the BEST music icon in the whole world,Since in his childhood hes been singing with his brothers,A very good dancer,a total performer,and has a golden voice…He past away in his early age with a lot of memories left through his music.A super talented ICON,His only 50 years old too young,maybe he has more concerts to make or many albums coming.Now all of his CD’s, DVD’s of his concerts,his memorabelia’s sold out at this moment,and time will come the cost of all of these will increase.Cardiac arrest is the cause of his death,and this is the proof that this illness is really a TRAITOR,because in a snap your gone,even if your are a wealthy and has power if your going to die no one can tell when….GOOD BYE MJ,May you rest in PEACE and thank you for your BIG contribution in this music industry,We will miss you and your misic.In our heart you will be the only one MICHAEL JACKSON…You will be remembered FOREVER…


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